WE HAVE PUPPIES! Born : November 3, 2019

We currently have 9 puppies! Estimates below. Information below still needs to be inspected and confirmed by HCNA Breeding Committee before being official.

Sex – Color Markings – Weight at Birth – Time Born – ID Ribbon Color

  1. Male, Black & Gold, 17.0 oz, 6:04pm – Royal Blue
  2. Female, Black & Gold, 16.1 oz, 6:16pm – Pink
  3. Male, Black & Gold, 17.3 oz, 7:02 pm – Dark Green
  4. Female, Black & Gold, 16.0 oz, 8:15pm – Yellow
  5. Female, Blonde, 17.6 oz, 8:53pm – Lt. Purple
  6. Female, Blonde, 13.4 oz, 9:48pm – Teal
  7. Male, Black & Gold, 14.6 oz, 10:17pm – Red
  8. Female, Black & Gold, 14.5 oz, 10:52pm – Hot Pink
  9. Female, Black & Gold, 17.5 oz – 11:36pm – Lt. Brown

Puppy Buyer Questionnaire: If you would like to be considered for a puppy from GH, please complete the Puppy Buyer Questionnaire. Please be as complete and honest as possible as this will assist us in determining which, if any, puppy is a good match for your environment,family structure, and circumstance. This is both for the benefit of the puppy and YOU! All questionnaires will be reviewed in the order they are received. Successful placements will be conducted from properly submitted questionnaires ONLY as documentation is an important step to future tracking, not to mention a critical sign if a possible buyer is serious about the commitment and long term love of this breed. We will return phone calls and enjoying talking about Hovawarts as much as possible!

Digging Deeper – (Estimated pick up date, Price, Selection, Shipping and Travel, etc.)

We are receiving great questions about the puppy placement process. For quality and fairness, we have put together a Questions & Answers page. Please review this growing list to see if it addresses your questions.

Anka Recee Gustafson “Anka”
OFA: 1873336
DOB: 4-25-2015
HCNA: 18-383
Chip/Tattoo: 956000004080723
TT PASSED 10-21-2018
Special Training: Service Animal / Search & Rescue
Special Appearances: Zip Away TV <http://www.ZipAwayTV.com>
Hips: FAIR
Color: Black & Gold

Buhrkley vom Obstgarten Weg “Buhrkley”
DOB: 11-02-2014
HCNA: 14-339
Chip/Tattoo: 981020013472014981
TT PASSED 10-1-2016
Titles: BOS (10-2016), BIS (7-2018)
Color: Black & Gold

More Information and pictures to come!