We are beginning to get some great questions about the puppy process. To ensure we are sharing the same information to all parties, we’ve put together this section to address the main questions, including the response answer.

Q – Do I get to pick my puppy sex and coloring?

A – In short, NO. Long answers is KIND OF. We will collect more applications then we have puppies and screen / vet those applications for appropriate home settings such as yard size, home size, children, other pets and good matches with our puppies. We have 3 males so will clear roughly 5-6 applications and with 6 females, 10-12 applications. Then we will determine the best applications for the puppies we have based on puppy characteristics, energy level, personality, behaviors, and so forth, best aligning with the applicants desires and circumstances. If you want a male, you will more than likely get a male and/or a female to the same process. Yet, still no guarantees! Some applicants may have better circumstances than your application and ask only for a healthy puppy, regardless of sex or coloring. Until we get a handful of applications in, we have no way of knowing who will be the best placement. Respectfully, please do not inquire as to other applicants, information, names, etc. We plan on keeping this process respectful and fair. Surplus applicants will move to a “waiting list” and will be called upon should a more primary applicant have a change of circumstance, preventing them from proceeding in the placement process. We receive and process applications in order submitted, yet order is no guarantee of placement. E-mails and phones calls do not count as a proper application.

Q – Is this Anka’s first litter?

A – Yes. This is Anka’s first litter and ours as a breeder.  Anka has undergone confirmation testing to make sure her physical and behavior traits met the breed standard.  We also had to have her temperament checked as well, meeting or exceeding breed standard behavior.  It’s a two  day process, checking for color markings, tail length, teeth, eyes and color, head shape, nose, hide legs, weight, size, coat, ears, etc. Plus you have to wait until they are at least 2 years old before breeding.  Anka is now 4.5 years old and can breed again in two years. Further, her pedigree and genetics where back checked through no less than 5 generations for issues with hips, thyroid, cancer, etc. Only after a rigorous process did Anka become cleared and certified by the HCNA, authorizing her for breeding.

Q – I don’t plan on breeding my puppy. Do I still need to pay the $300 Hip Deposit fee?

A – Yes. The $300 hip deposit, it is mandatory, even for males, whether you plan to breed or not.  It is for your benefit as well.  See, if you find out sooner that your dog may have issues, you can help correct the situation with exercise, medication, etc. that will improve your dogs quality of life longer term.  At the end of the day, that’s what we all want!  And, if your puppy does have problems, than that feedback is giving to the HCNA Breeding Director and if many of the DAM’s (Anka) puppies have problems, that may disqualify her from being cleared to breed again.  So the long term outcomes are tied back into the DAM’s success and the breed strength overall.  It’s in GH best interest to produce the best puppies possible to ensure our Anka and offspring, may qualify for breeding in the future. This practice supports the overall breed strength and quality. As you are becoming part of a rare, select, larger family/network of dogs, you accept and extend greater responsibilities as a responsible and ethical Hovawart owner. Please consider this strongly prior to submitting an application for puppy consideration.

Q – How much is the Deposit and will it be returned if I do not receive a puppy?

A -GH asks for a $500 deposit.  At that point, you will be considered under contract for a puppy to be placed.  Yet, we still may not know which puppy. The deposit will be due prior to the fifth week age of the puppy, approximately December 9, 2019. If GH decides to ultimately not place a puppy with a prescreened applicant, you will receive a FULL DEPSOIT REFUND.  If the applicant decides to get cold feet and back out after December 20, 2019, noon Central Time, the deposit is forfeited. 

Q – When will the puppies be ready to be picked up and long is the wait time?

A – The pups will need to be with Anka for at least 8 weeks.  Our estimated release date to new life time homes looks to be December 30, 2019. During this time the puppies will go through no less than three Breeding Committee litter inspections (German Certified Hovawart Judge, HCNA Breeding Director, and two Committee Members both other breeders), veterinarian visits and health check ups, micro chipping, etc. The puppies will also start to become exposed to toys, shapes, noises (loud and soft) human socialization, outdoor experiences, puppy food and early housebreaking training. It will be the new owners responsibility to continue this training. Obedience training is strongly recommended. Please do not request a sooner release date.

Q – How much are the puppies?

A – $2,500 – Hovawart puppies may be considered expensive or inexpensive, depending on your research of breeds and knowledge of the extensive qualifying process for a Hovawart bitch. GH believes that our puppies are competitively placed in light or more traditional pure breed puppies or the newer “designer breeds.” Please note, Hovawarts are NOT a “designer breed!” The HCNA provides us guidance, but in the end, the breeder establish pricing for the puppies, which cover GH overall expenses, vet bills, hip and thyroid screening, testing, travel, stud fees, time, etc.   60% of Hovawarts are Black and Gold, 30% are Blonde, and only 10% Black.  (FYI – you will also see Black and Gold called Black and Tan.  Both are acceptable. Our German confirmation Judge preferred to call them Black and Gold, thus we do too)  Anka received HIGH favorable remarks during her confirmation testing because her pedigree Sire is from Hungry, bringing new genetic mixture to the United States breed pool. Anka “DAM” still retained some other ideal foreign traits such as her lower tooth bite and her straight raising forelegs when trotting forward. (All things you learn when you go to confirmation)  Burhkley “SIRE” scored extremely well in multiple shows receiving Best Opposite Sex in 2016 and Best In Show in 2018. All this means is that GH puppies represent a solid opportunity for them to pass on these optimal genetics and breed traits. Yet, this is no guarantee or promise that the puppies will score / perform as well.  GH must emphasize this point.  There are roughly 400+ registered Hovawarts in the entire US. GH includes a one year membership with the Hovawart Club of North America (HCNA), for each puppy placement. Selling a puppy, for us, is more about doing right by the breed.

Q – Will you fly us our puppy?

A – No. When we received Anka, she arrived on plane from Albany NY to Chicago, IL, in late June.  Anka was still a little traumatized by the experience. And since then, a couple years back, United Airlines had a couple dogs die in flight.  United is the carrier that really has the best program, yet nothing is perfect.  So, if you want to fly here and hand carry on board your pup, which I think the airlines will allow, we could do that if it works.  Otherwise, given the pups won’t be 8 weeks until the first week of January 2020, during the cold of winter, I will not fly them.  You would have to plan on driving to IL to pick up your puppy first hand.  I will not risk loosing a pup because of airline mishaps, stress, or the cold weather season. Respectfully, please do not even ask.

Q – Can we have a third party pick up our puppy and transport it to us?

A – No. This is a living, caring animal, which will be stressed out due to the separation from its mother. It is vulnerable and needs proper attention, love, and caring. It will begin to bond with those he/she begins travel. To add a stranger or additional component to the process is not recommended.