UPDATE 10/25/2022:

We just had two Artificial Insemination breeding attempts on September 18 & 20, 2022. Regretfully, the ultrasound on 10-21-2022 was negative for puppies. We are still watching Anka in the event she has a 1 or 2 puppy litter which could have been missed during the ultrasound.

We attended the HCNA Dog Show in Allentown, PA October 14-16, 2022. Adie PASSED conformation and temperament tested to become our second breeding female.

(See Puppies Litter B for more information and future updates)

Thanks for your interest.  Anka / Adie are due for their next heat cycles around April / May 2023.   We look to raise the puppies in Eagle River Wisconsin.

As the Hovawart Club of North America requested that approved breeders wait until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be the second sanctioned litter by the club in the past three years.

We have updated the Questionnaire to clarify a few questions and make sure that we are properly educating everyone about the adoption process, expectations, and ongoing obligations of taking care of the puppy you are allowed to adopt. If you have already completed a Questionnaire, then a simple update will be required as peoples circumstances may change. GH reserves the right to redeem any puppy that falls into a poor home situation, mistreated, mistruths stated on the questionnaire, or risks being placed in a shelter. These dogs are so special, so rare, and so loving, that only a top notch adoption home will be considered. Further, as there are so many excellent applicants being submitted, we look to move into a non-refundable deposit fee for accepting applications; $100. So only serious applications please. Our goal is to have the puppies applications approved prior to breeding to all those folks to enjoy in the breeding process via the groups private Facebook page, videos, and other owners support network.

Puppy Buyer Questionnaire: (ver. date 3-20-2021)

If you would like to be considered for a puppy from GH, please complete the Puppy Buyer Questionnaire, dated 3-20-2021. Please be as complete and honest as possible as this will assist us in determining which, if any, puppy is a good match for your environment, family structure, and circumstance. This is both for the benefit of the puppy and YOU! All questionnaires will be reviewed in the order they are received. Successful placements will be conducted from properly submitted questionnaires ONLY as documentation is an important step to future tracking, not to mention a critical sign if a possible buyer is serious about the commitment and long term love of this breed. We will return phone calls and enjoying talking about Hovawarts as much as possible!

We are receiving great questions about the puppy placement process. For quality and fairness, we have put together a Questions & Answers page. Please review this growing list to see if it addresses your questions.