Gustafson Hovawarts is a select breeder of Hovawarts. This extremely rare and unknown breed is loving, caring, intelligent, faithful, steadfast and solid.

Our experience with the breed has been extremely positive.  Having traveled extensively with our “Anka” and meeting other “Hovi” owners, we proudly and humbly took on the responsibility of becoming a Hovawart Club of North America (HCNA) approved and certified breeder of Hovawarts.  Anka has since retired and the duty now falls to her offspring, Adie.

Dogs 101 – Please be sure to view our TV show series on YouTube which follows the breeding process from litter to litter. The show focuses on all things dogs and features our Hovawarts puppies, what to expect, preparations, brushing teeth, grooming, diet, and much, much more. Please be sure to subscribe and LIKE the videos as this helps support our efforts to develop more information about this wonderful breed.

Through extensive qualification, review, and testing, our Anka and Adie have been properly registered for breeding.  All of our breeding is conducted in strict adherence to the HCNA breeding standards and ethic codes. When you become the proud owner of a Hovi, you are making a 10-16 year commitment to this loving, beautiful animal THAT WILL LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY! They will become part of  your family and expect to be treated as such.

Here at Gustafson Hovawarts (GH), we take the role of “breeder” seriously, going the extra mile (literally) to do things right, all for the well being of our animals.  Our petition to become a kennel and breeder was approved by the Hovawart Club of North America. We are a loving family that believes in the breed with such confidence, that other deserving family’s should get the opportunity to experience this wonderful breed.  There is a special place in Heaven for Hovawarts!

Both ethics and professionalism command that we thoroughly screen all possible Hovawart owners, searching for the correct balance between family structure, activity level, yard space, past experience, financial stability, commitment to the breed, and other tangible and intangible attributes for a successful pairing.  You do not purchase puppies from GH, rather, you are placed a Hovawart puppy upon proper and successful qualification. Please note that an application does not guarantee placement. Not all applicants will qualify for various reasons. Gustafson Hovawarts reserves the right and is prepared to take back any Hovawart we place that may find itself in a poor home situation, abused, facing hardship, transferred, potential of being placed in an animal shelter, etc.  All animals are gifts of love and Hovawarts are no different!

With only approximately 300+ registered Hovawarts in the United States, our actions are centered around the best interest of our animals and the breed.  Hovawarts are highly intelligent, confident, and strong willed. They internalize and process stress well, adapting and excelling in their duties. Their default tendencies lean towards “guarding and defending ones ground” rather than to tendencies of “advance and attack”. As such, they require consistent training; firm and loving hand.  Harsh and negative feedback training is not recommended, nor deserved. Hovawarts take quickly to training, often after the first exposure to lesson. Then they wish to perform, please, and shower you back with love and loyalty, all in their own Hovawart style and manner.